Finding the perfect sofa can make all the difference in the feel of your home, whether it is a traditional rolled-arm model, or a sleek modern single-cushion couch. Sofas are probably the only piece of furniture in a living room that can be used for various purposes, from being the perfect spot for kicking off your shoes and reclining back or for formal seating when guests arrive or as a sofa bed for sleeping.
Elegant living room with grey velvet sofa
Sofas come in a wide variety, designs, and can be upholstered with an even wider range of fabrics. No matter what kind of a sofa you are looking for your living room The Upholstery Shop is where you will find it. We do not just stock and sell sofas; we can customize them for you if you have a design in mind and upholster it in a fabric of your choice.

Visit The Upholstery Shop for a wide collection of sofas and fabrics.

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