Interior Design Services

If you have a remarkable piece of furniture that is in need of updating or repairing, then we are here to help! Custom upholstering is the best way to give your furniture a fresh new customized look, while preserving the quality structure and style you know and love.

To make the re-upholstery process easier, we offer package deals for re-upholstery, which include labor, in-stock fabric, and enhancement of cushions; no measuring, adding, or dealing, just one set price to meet all your needs.

Design Services

Slip Covers:
An alternative to re-upholstery is getting slipcovers made. Just select from our broad range of fabrics and we will do the rest! Our experienced tailor will come to you; measure and cut during an in-home consultation and make the slip cover in a matter of weeks. Your furniture never has to leave the home!

Commercial Interiors


Our interior design services are not limited to residential projects; our store hosts a variety of commercial grade fabrics, vinyl’s, and flooring materials to meet all your commercial needs. We have successfully completed numerous commercial projects, ranging from restaurants to senior homes and office suites. Whether you need to reupholster tired furniture or transform an entire space, we have the products you need to complete the project in a timely and cost effective manner.