Designs and Interiors by The Upholstery Shop has a stunning collection of bedspreads. From quilted bedspreads to limited edition designs, bedspreads are ideal to add extra warmth to any bedroom.

A bedspread is the simplest way to change the overall appearance of a room. Choose a couple of distinct bedspreads to use throughout the year. If you are located in a place that has all four seasons you can choose quilted bedspreads that are warm in winters and floral or cotton during summers. When selecting a bedspread, focus on the quality of the material and comfort.

When choosing a bedspread think of not just your personal style but also keep the décor of your room in mind. Country inspired blankets in conjunction with floral bedspreads or stripes can create a refined rustic look and make the entire décor a lot more charming and inviting.

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Quilted Bedspreads

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