Bed Skirts


What is a Bed Skirt?
A bed skirt is a decorative piece of covering meant to be placed under a mattress. Bed skirts add a fashionable look to your bedroom and the classic charm of the era gone by. Available in various fabrics and styles, bed skirts can be designed to fit any kind of a bed.

You can find the following at Design and Interiors by The Upholstery Shop:

  • Queen Bed Skirts
  • Twin Bed Skirts
  • King Size Bed Skirts
  • Elastic Bed Skirts
  • Ruffled Bed Skirts

Tailored, pleated, ruffled or tiered, Design & Intioers by The Upholstery Shop offers a wide variety of custom bed skirts. Dust ruffles also act just like a bed skirt and provide protection against dust while acting as a decorative element.

Visit our showroom in Herndon, VA for our wide selection of bed skirts.

Custom Bed Skirts

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